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Transform presentations into rewarding experiences with powerful tools and techniques to enhance executive speaking and corporate image.


Today, presentations and public speaking are very much a part of every executive’s responsibilities. Effective executive speaking is what distinguishes the successful professional from everyone else. Public speaking skills are most critical to your success-and to your individual and corporate image. Learn to use powerful tools and techniques to turn every presentation or public speaking opportunity into a rewarding experience

Course Benefits

Course Coverage

Identify the elements of a good presentation.

Set personal goals for the development of public speaking skills.

The importance of research and organization in preparing an effective presentation.

Illustrate how to plan and prepare strong beginnings and endings in your presentations and public speaking.

Select and design effective visuals.

The effective use of voice, action, image and language in public speaking

Apply strategies for positively addressing speech anxiety

Practice articulation methods

  • Choose appropriate strategies for reaching reluctant, uncommitted and inactive audiences
  • Design successful informative, persuasive, entertaining motivational and special event presentations
  • Respond in a focused and controlled fashion to questions and answer
  • Impromptu speech making

Conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution

Improve assertive communication, influence, and conflict resolution in the workplace to enhance effectiveness and build positive relationships.
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Diplomatic Leadership Workshop

Two-day workshop: empower senior managers to overcome resistance to change, promote positive responses, and enhance leadership effectiveness.
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Effective Executive Speaking

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